Devon: The Scenic Tourism County

Most holiday trips and vacations aim at achieving relaxation and fun and that's why most people travel to areas that will promote optimal relaxation and fun such as the seaside. However, such trips can achieve more than this. Different activities can promote health and wellbeing as well as serve as an excellent learning opportunity about the sea and marine life. A great example is a trip to the famous Devon in England and staying at hotels in devon by the sea. We explore the activities that you can engage in while in Devon and choosing the best accommodation for your trip.

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Diving in Devon

Some of the most breathtakingly beautiful diving sites in England are in Devon. These diving sites are rich in marine life which makes diving in Devon a phenomenal experience. Besides the beautiful sea reefs, you might come across dolphins, porpoises, sea fans, jewel anemones, dogfish, ross coral, burrowing anemones, scallops, sponges, crabs, hydroids, plaice, urchins, seals, lobsters and moon jellyfish. 

Other activities

There is more to Devon than diving and experiencing the marine life. Exploring the medieval towns, visiting the national parks, shopping, horse riding and exploring the beautiful beaches are some other activities that you could engage in. The beaches are ideal for snorkelling, long walks, beach games and sports and basking in the sun while the water is perfect for white water rafting, swimming, surfing and sailing with the family. Your vacation  will be fun, eventful and memorable.

Accommodation in Devon

The secret to a phenomenal trip is to ensure that you have great accommodation. This allows you to get the much needed rest after an eventful day or night. When it comes to vacation or holiday accommodation, nothing beats a seafront room. The views from your hotel room, the ocean breeze in the mornings and evenings, the sound of the waves crushing on the beaches and the serenity of the environment all ensure that you relax and get excellent rest. Besides this, you have access to the beach all day long.  

In order to make the best of your holiday, you must choose your sea front accommodation facilities wisely. Other than comfort, affordability, accessibility and security, you must also consider the range of facilities in the hotel, the level of customer service, the proximity to other areas of interest, the availability of hotel transfer services as well as organised trips to various areas of interest. Availability of various in-house entertainment services and facilities is also important especially when travelling as a group or family.